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Meet Floyd Myers
A man for the people of Mount Vernon!

Floyd Myers is a strong believer in the strength of family and community ties. He is a true "Mount Vernonite" who believes that there is no greater work than that of service and support for family and community.

It is this belief that has led him to work and live in the same community that sharpened his intellect through the Mount Vernon school system. Mr. Myers has a strong commitment to support local businesses which help define his family and community values.

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A Letter to the People
The Difference Begins

Our city faces the same challenges as the rest of the country. The challenges that lie ahead are as difficult as the ones we conquered. Citizens must feel that their representatives are working for them; that their concerns are attentively heard and proactively addressed with swift urgency. Legitimate constituent concerns can no longer fall upon deaf ears. We need strong, committed leadership from dedicated people who care about the citizens and are willing to fight hard for them.

It's time to engage the entire community in revitalizing our city! Everyone deserves a voice! If we work together, collectively developing a hands-on approach, we are guaranteed success! Gone are the times where government leads unilaterally. United, we will effectively address the issues and concerns of everyone within our community.

We can make a difference in Mount Vernon but we have a lot of work to do.

Join me and let's begin!

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